Install Laminate Flooring in the Kitchen

The question of laminate flooring in the kitchen is a complicated one.  Detractors claim that laminate is a kitchen pariah because moisture–a fact in kitchens–can harm it.  Advocates argue that laminate is one of the better floor coverings for kitchens because moisture can be controlled.

Unlike some materials that are perfect for kitchens, laminate flooring walks a tight line between loved and feared.

As long as you address the overriding concern of moisture, you can install laminate flooring in the kitchen.

If you want no worries about moisture, install sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl plank (LVP).  In terms of appearance, LVP is a close contender with laminate and it is 100% waterproof.

Water Damage: A Matter Of Concern But Overrated

Water is a bad thing for most floors.  Even ceramic and porcelain tiles, as water resistant as they are, have water absorption limits. If water sits on ceramic tile long enough, the tile will absorb water.

Grout is a far more porous substance than the surface of fired tile.

 Grout sealing is an imperfect business, and if water infiltrates tile, its avenue will be grout.

The only perfectly

Remodel a Kitchen

You might very well be crazy.  Unlike any other home remodeling project, kitchen renovation encompasses so many things–from the raw to the sublime, from the picayune to the important–that it can easily overwhelm even the most determined homeowner.

On the other hand, a fine kitchen remodels instantly raises the value of your home, provides you with a more effective cooking space, and makes you the envy of all of your friends. So, before beginning this tough-but-rewarding project, ask yourself:

  1. What Are My Needs and Desires?: Is your kitchen a disaster zone where you can’t even manage to boil an egg? Or do you just want to freshen the place up with new appliances, countertops, floors, and cabinets? A need might be: I need kitchen cabinets because my current ones are falling apart. A desire might be: I desire a new dishwasher because my current one is ugly and noisy, though it works perfectly well.
  2. Is It Worth Putting Myself Through This?: Do you want work crews in your house for extended periods? Do you want

Incredible Furniture Makeovers You Need To Pin

This formerly blue and white bamboo dresser was refinished to be more vintage glam with white oil paint and by stripping the paint off the existing hardware to return them to their metallic finish.

It is hard to recognize after the beautiful transformation, but originally this blue burlap panelled dresser was just the regular 6 drawer Tarva chest from Ikea. With the addition of some decorative burlap, moulding, paint and some extra wood to thicken the legs the end result is absolutely stunning.

Add a glam finish with this easy Ikea Hack for the Vittsjo Nesting Tables by using gold spray paint on the frame and white spray paint on the bottom shelf to give the tables a new chic look.

Often it can be hard to find the space in a bedroom for a vanity to get ready in the morning in front of, but using Ikea’s Alex Shelf as a base, you can add wood legs and additional wall brackets for extra support to create your own narrow vanity that can fit even in small bedrooms.

A long black second-hand tv unit was beautifully updated with white

The Difference Between a Slide in

When choosing a cooking range, slide-in and drop-in are two models which may appear to be similar, but each style has unique design features with different installation requirements.

A freestanding range is the most popular with consumers for several reasons, but for those who prefer a custom kitchen look, a slide-in range or drop-in model is a nice alternative. Either of these two styles will give the kitchen a more streamlined look, but there are differences between them, and installation requirements vary, so be prepared hire a contractor to set-up your new stove, if necessary.

Slide-In Model

A slide-in cooking range has contoured sides with a slightly-protruding cooktop, which allows the installer to slide it in between the cabinets so that the cooktop rests on top of the countertop on each side.

There must be cabinets on each side of this range model, since the side panels are not finished as found on a freestanding stove, but have alignment grooves. Slide-in models usually have a bottom drawer below the

How to Adjust Cabinet Hinges

Annoyed by scraping, bumping, misaligned kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors?  Never fear, the fix is here–and it is easy, simple, and fast.

Hinge adjustment is one of the easiest, cheapest fixes you can make to your kitchen.  Even homeowners who shrink at the sight of a screwdriver and hammer can quickly take care of this frustrating daily problem.


Believe It or Not, These Cabinets Have a Built-In Problem

If your cabinet doors bump into each other, hang unevenly or do not close properly, it may not be time for new cabinets.

 Instead, the hinges just need adjusting, and it is the hinges’ fault, not yours.

European style cabinet hinges are meant to be readjusted occasionally.  Unlike surface-mounted hinges, which are never supposed to loosen, Euro-style hinges have a certain amount of “play” built into them.

This play allows you to make the initial adjustment when the cabinets are first installed.  But play works against your favor, because constant opening and closing will, over time, cause the hinges to loosen.

Exposed hinges on framed cabinets are less challenging to adjust than European hinges.  The downside is that they do not allow you to make changes in as many directions.

How To Know If

Ceramic or Glass Cooktop

While no one can argue that a smoothtop electric cooktop is more stylish than the traditional coil element type, it does need more care to prevent discoloring and scratching. Regular cleaning is also different than how you would clean an older style coil cooktop. And the homemaker needs to be proactive with cooktop cleaning and care to keep this style of cooktop looking good.

Here’s a list of things to avoid if you have a smoothtop electric cooktop range or built-in counter cooktop.

While there’s no guarantee that these tips will totally protect your cooktop, they do help considerably. And cleaning the cooktop regularly will also help to preserve the smooth, clean look you fell in love with when you bought your range or cooktop.

  • Do not use cast iron cookware on a smoothtop cooktop or range. The bottoms of cast iron cookware are usually very rough and any movement of the pot on the cooktop can leave scratches.
  • Other cookware that can scratch the glass are ceramic and stoneware that have unfinished, rough bases. Keep these instead for oven bakeware.
  • Skillets or pans with rounded edge bottoms are not recommended. Pans that sit flat on the cooktop will perform better when it comes to

Bread Storage Options

There is no clear-cut rule as to where you should store bread and buns, but in order to keep it fresh longer, it should be kept in a somewhat air-tight and dry container or area, preferably not in the warmest part of your kitchen.

Hot bread should not be put in a sealed container until it cools, because the steam will cause dampness, which in turn can cause mold to grow more quickly. A little air is not a concern – hence why bread boxes usually have air holes – but too much air will cause bread to dry out.

There are several options for storing breads and what you choose will more than likely depend more on storing convenience rather than overall style. That said, a stylish kitchen does start with getting rid of the clutter, so find a bread storage option that works for you, while keeping your kitchen area looking and feeling free of encumbrances. I’ll also provide a reason or two, as to why places so many think are ideal for bread and buns, are not really such a great idea.

  • Buy from AmazonStoring Bread on the Counter

I agree that keeping bagged bread

The Deliciously Decadent Home of Tyson

Nestled in the Hidden Hills of Los Angeles is the family home of Tyson and Kimberly Chandler. While the family name is immediately recognizable to anyone who follows the NBA Center of the Phoenix Suns, the Chandler’s are also known for their acute sense of style. Kimberly, who can be seen in fashion circles, spotted at New York Fashion Week in coveted front row seats for Suno, Alexander Wang and Valentino, has been described as having a “pitch-perfect” sense of style. And this year, the couple was spotted at Coachella rocking out and having fun in the most fashion-savvy of ways. So, it’s no surprise that when looking to design the family home, they turned to LA-based interior designer Jeff Andrews, whose focus on sophisticated yet livable interiors appealed. 

The interior is filled to the brim with classic details in each and every room. From an open and airy living room to a glamorous family dining area, beautiful architectural details and gleaming accessories abound in this polished interior.

The kitchen in this home is a room unto itself. In true California style, this kitchen has been designed with entertaining in mind, with an abundance of space for preparing meals. With three

Surprising Kitchen Ideas

Listen, we love subway tile as much as the next guy. There’s a reason it’s so popular; it’s versatile, timeless and can make any renovation look classy and modern. But after seeing endless kitchens with the same same subway-tile-and-white-shaker-cabinet combination, we just needed to cleanse our palette and find something a little more unique. From concrete to marble to easy DIY stickers, these backsplash ideas are a breath of fresh air in a world full of subway tile, and are perfect if you’re looking to spice things up in your kitchen.

Just because you’re ready to try something new and different doesn’t mean you can’t still go with a neutral, white kitchen. This whitewashed wood paneling is the perfect way to bring a little country chic into a modern kitchen. You can easily steal this look with white tongue-and-groove board or beadboard. We love the black bottom cabinets in this kitchen from A Beautiful Mess; they really pop against the white backsplash.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Brick adds warmth and richness to any room, and if you happen to have it hiding behind your kitchen walls, exposing it is a cheap way to make the space feel cozy and modern. If you’re

The Right Color to Paint Your Kitchen

Conventional kitchen color planning says that earthy colors, warm neutrals, and bright colors make both the cook and the diners feel more comfortable. These colors satisfy many purposes: coordinating with cabinets; reflecting light; providing cheer; and being palatable to buyers of your house.

Good kitchen design rules often dictate that very dark colors, cold neutrals, and all other cold colors like blues, greens, purples, violets, and other colors in similar families do not promote hunger. Thus, they generally do not work as well in kitchens.

That said, kitchen colors should ultimately follow personal tastes. Black is conventionally a poor kitchen color. But as shown here, black works well when paired with the sharply contrasting stainless steel of the island and white of the breakfast bar and pendant lights.

With enough shade or tint, any color can become a neutral; it is just a matter of which type of neutral you want. If you are nervous about getting your kitchen paint color wrong, it is hard to go wrong with mid-range neutrals.

While neutrals are usually equated with “boring,” but they do not have to be. With the addition of red, yellow, or orange, neutrals can be warmed up. With green, blue, or violet, they can be cooled

Cool And Contemporary Home Ideas

It’s amazing how an interior can be transformed. How with the right design team, a space can go from tired and dated to absolutely breathtaking. That’s the result of the work done by Pulp Design Studios to update an old Spanish-style interior into a modern family home fit for five. Walls were moved, the main staircase relocated, and features were added to take this home firmly into the 21st century. All was done with a steadfast attention to detail that allows this contemporary space to feel warm, cozy and inviting. 

Just beyond the entry, you’re inside the home’s living room. Modern furnishings sporting sleek metallic finishes catch the eye when walking into this spacious living area. But it’s the mix of woods that create warmth in this room. From the reclaimed flooring, to the paneling around the fireplace, and accessories, like the stacked wood side table, the addition of natural elements make this living room feel grounded.

Details matter, and Pulp Design Studios has not overlooked one in this contemporary home. In the entryway, a classic console table is the ultimate statement piece. The bentwood design features brass feet for an unexpected touch of bling. The mix of wood and metallics is

Find the Best Brands

Different types of furniture stores appeal to varying demographics, and you can find a wide range of stores that cater to specific styles or price points. Unsurprisingly, many of the most successful retailers in the U.S. are those that sell furniture at relatively low prices.


The Best Furniture Stores

The following retailers make it onto the top 10 list year after year, consistently if not always in the same order.

Some of them are single source stores, carrying furnishings from just one manufacturer, while others carry a broad range of furniture and bedding categories from different sources and across a variety of price points.

Most of these retailers also sell online (check their websites) and have a social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube to stay in touch with their customers.


1. Ashley Furniture

Ashley is a leading furniture manufacturer, and the giant Ashley Home Stores make up a network of Ashley’s dedicated stores across the United States, as well as in other parts of the world. Some are company-owned, and many are franchised. These stores carry mostly affordable furniture at promotional to mid-level price points, and this is their biggest draw.



IKEA is a lifestyle specialty store,

ASH NYC In Southampton

Idyllic. That’s the perfect word to describe this beautiful 7,000 square foot home, staged by ASH NYC in Southampton. Idyllic, picturesque, and absolutely perfect. Six bedrooms, five-and-half baths, a private master with balcony, a free standing pool house and gym. This new-build home, filled with an exclusive inventory of vintage and contemporary pieces from ASH NYC, is the ideal interior, and the ultimate upstate New York dream home.

The living room is a study in texture. A clean black and white color palette may set the stage, but it’s the variety of tactile items that makes the design of this room stand out. Under foot, a cool jute rug is perfect for a family home upstate. Woven vintage side chairs offer plenty of relaxation. And a mix of metals – on the coffee table, lighting and curtain rods – brings an industrial feel to this contemporary New York home.

In the dining room, it’s all about the architecture. Floor to ceiling windows show off the dramatic scale of this 7,000 square foot home. They are also the perfect bridge between the interior and exterior, letting in tons of light and views of the lush trees that abound on the property. For the dining room

How to make colorful in SOMA

The most interesting homes are those that are designed with innovation in mind. Those where out-of-the-box style reigns. That’s the kind of design that you see in the work of Loczi Design Group. The San Francisco-based firm is known for creating one-of-a-kind spaces. And this modern San Francisco home in SOMA is no different. Formerly two separate units that were merged together to create one home, Loczi Design Group had one mission for this interior – to design a space where there client could entertain and throw large or small gatherings with ease. 

The interior design project was the perfect complement to the home’s unique architecture. A twelve-foot skylight and a striking steel staircase meet you at the center of the home. Flanked by the client’s collection of mid-century Russian art, the interior design took direction from all of the architectural elements in this eclectic interior.

Unconventional, funky, and with a love of geometrics, Loczi Design Group was able to put their stamp on the newly designed space. Just as their client asked, spaces were designed with entertaining in mind. In this lounge, low-seating was placed beneath a skylight. The perfect place for

Tablescape With Beautiful Folded Napkins

So many special things happen when people come together over a meal. Whether it’s with family or friends, a special occasion, or that special someone, there is something remarkable about sharing a table. It becomes even more special when the table itself is a thing of beauty. One of the best ways to transform your table into an enchanting moment is to accompany your table settings with an elegantly folded napkin.

If you have always loved intricate napkin folds but have felt that it required some special skill, don’t fret. It’s all very simple once you you learn some basic napkin folding methods. See our easy tutorials on how to create 12 different napkin folds. You’re sure to find one you love.

Have you ever gone to a party where the hosts have taken the time to make the table look really special? Didn’t the napkins, folded to a pretty shape, add to the total feel of the setting? Some napkins are arranged so beautifully that you don’t want to use them.

In your own home, a special table says that you really value your guests when you make the extra effort to set the table beautifully.Even

Living Room Furniture Ideas

Is your furniture looking a little tired? Don’t worry – you don’t need to throw it all away and start fresh. Instead try one of these fun furniture hacks.


Nailhead Trim

Adding nailhead trim to a piece of furniture is one of the easiest ways to quickly get a high-end look. Traditionally nailhead trim was used on upholstered pieces to give them a more tailored look, and while this is still a terrific option, nailhead trim has since been discovered as being a great decorating tool with a wide variety of applications.

One of the most popular is to apply trim to a piece such as a chest of drawers or side table. What’s great is that you can apply it in any pattern you like. It can be a simple border or an intricate pattern, and depending on the complexity and the quality of the piece you can either use traditional tacks or adhesive strips. You an also apply nailhead trim around windows, doors and even area rugs and runners.


New Upholstery

New upholstery can liven up a room – even if it’s on a small piece. Imagine switching out a dull pattern for a bold

Vinegar Uses in Laundry

Inexpensive white distilled vinegar can be used in the laundry to whiten, brighten, reduce odor and soften clothes without harsh chemicals. It is safe to use in both standard and high-efficiency washers and is beneficial to septic tanks and the environment. In the grocery store, you will usually find distilled white vinegar next to apple cider vinegar used most often in cooking.

All vinegars contain acetic acid that works to brighten, soften and kill odors in your laundry. Cider vinegar is made from juice of apples and has an acidity in the range of 5 to 6 percent. It is yellow or golden amber in color.

Distilled, or white vinegar, is produced from the second fermentation of dilute distilled alcohol. The alcohol could be made from grain or the starch from corn, potatoes, rice and barley. Distilled vinegar is usually less acidic than cider vinegars and ranges from 4 to 7 percent acidity. It may also be labeled as Cleaning Vinegar but can be used in laundry.

When buying vinegar to use in the laundry, choose white distilled vinegar. It contains no tannins—natural plant dyes—that can stain clothes and it is less expensive. If you must use cider

DIY Headboards You Can Make in a Weekend

When both space and money are tight, a headboard is one of those items that stays on your décor wish list. But thanks to the following DIYs, you don’t have to go without this stylish staple. Each of these small space friendly ideas will wake up a tired bedroom with unconventional style without busting your budget.

If you like to read before lights out, a cushy headboard, like the no-sew project shown here makes sitting up in bed super comfy. To make you’ll need two items you can find at many big box stores: a bench cushion with a washable cover and wall-mounted coat rack.

Tip: Not sure where to pick up a seat pad? Retailers like Target, Overstock and Pier 1, sell them for cheap.

Want to make a bookish statement? One clever do-it-yourselfer upcycled old encyclopedias and atlases into a one-of-kind headboard. See the DIY.

Anyone can fake a headboard with paint. This mountainscape is easy to create with painter’s tape.

Tip: Need paint? Most home improvement stores sell 8-ounce interior samples in a wide range of colors for less than $5.

Fans of Scandi style love plywood décor for its warm and natural beauty. You’ll need one sheet to make this lovely headboard. Just mount

Millennial Pink Accessories For Your Home

Ah, “millennial pink.” Since about 2012 this color has been everywhere. From the advertising and packaging of companies like Glossier, Acne and Thinx to the racks of just about every store you can think of—millennial pink is the most popular color in style and design right now.

The name “millennial” pink started showing up heavily around the start of summer last year, in 2016. What the actual shade of pink is varies a bit—from a muted bubble gum to blush, nearly coral and somewhere around faded salmon.

In The Cut’s exhaustive examination of the rise of Millennial Pink, the author notes that the color isn’t going anywhere because of many reasons, perhaps the most important being that it’s flattering and it’s selling. The color has become androgynous, too, which is part of the reason why its popularity has bled into home design and decor.

Not to worry, thought. While Millennial Pink is the trendiest color around right now, it has staying power. Colors, unlike silhouettes and shapes in design and apparel, will still look good when the trend is long gone—as long as it works with the overall vibe of your home.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up

Soundproofing Hacks for Rooms and Apartments

Whether it’s squealing garbage trucks, blaring car stereos, or the annoying clickety-clack of high heels overhead that’s making life at home maddening, you’re not alone. For many apartment dwellers, disturbing and unwanted noise is a fact of life.

The good news? You can turn up the quiet inside your abode whether you own or rent, no matter your budget.

Here are the best soundproofing hacks for rooms and apartments.

Do you hear every conversation spoken in the building hallway from the comfort of your sofa? You got intruding noise problems. Sealing the air leaks around your front door will quiet the chatter.

Got a large gap under your apartment door? Add a door sweep. Yours truly installed two: One on the outside and a second on the inside for extra soundproofing. Both are commercial grade with thick rubber seals that keep out dust, bugs, drafts, moisture, as well as noise. Afterward, I sealed the air links around the doorjamb with foam weather stripping.

The final step was adding blackout curtains over the front entrance. When closed they absorb any noise that leaks through the door.

When you’re a musician and the mother of two toddlers like Chelsea, the mommy blogger behind Staying Steyn, you pick up a few